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2# Rock Emulsion Explosive

Product Description:

Our 2 # Rock Emulsion Explosive is semi-solid grease, is the most advanced international civil explosives, this explosives is a kind of environment-friendly non-TNT-water-resistant industrial explosives, with excellent water resistance.

EIt has good Blasting performance, high Detonation velocity, large intensit; its components do not contain TNT, easy to use, safe to production, less toxic gas generation after the explosion, no impact on human health, in line with the development direction of world's non-TNT explosives. Widely used for underground explosions in different ore and rock geological conditions without biogas, no mine explosion, open air and underwater blasting, urban control demolition blasting, excavation of roads, railways, tunnels, water conservancy and other projects.

Standard: GB28286-2012

Main Specifications Model:

Φ32mm-200g Φ60mm-1715g Φ70mm-2000g
Φ90mm-3000g Φ110mm-6000g Φ200mm-24000g
Net weight 24kg per box, can also provide the appropriate specifications and performance products be based on user's needs.

Technical index:

Density 1.00-1.30g/cm3, Gap distance of sympathetic detonation ≥3cm, Intensity ≥16mm, Detonation velocity ≥4000m/s, Capacity for work≥260ml, Quality assurance period: 180 days.

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