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Zhejiang Lihua Civil Explosive Co.,Ltd. is a designated production enterprise of national civil explosive equipments. The company was formerly known as Zhejiang Limin Chemical Factory founded in 1965, and was affiliated to Zhejiang Province National Defense Science and Technology Industry Office; it began the production of Emulsion explosives since 1983 as the earliest civil explosive equipment enterprise in China for the development and production of Emulsion explosives. After the twice restructurings in 1998 and 2015, it became a subsidiary of Zhejiang Limin Holdings Limited, with more than 140 employees, and more than 40 of them are technicians.

Our Emulsion Explosive Production Line adopts the technology developed by our company in cooperation with Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute: by used technologies such as preparation of aqueous phase solution by liquid ammonium nitrate, concentration preparation of oil and water phase, material pipeline pressure delivery of oil and water phase, continuous Emulsion, steel strip cooling, open sensitization, suspension transportation of semi-finished products, plastic film charging, automatic packaging, finished products by belt conveyor directly into warehouse or trucks, we achieve non-ground -contact production; especially, we are the first domestic company using computer control, continuous Emulsion, concentration preparation of oil and water phase, plastic film charge by using Poly-clip charging machine and so on; therefore, we are the first enterprise to realize the unmanned production of explosive factory.

Located at the west side of Changlian Village of Zhuangshan of Suichang County in Zhejiang Province, we enjoy convenient for we are only 15km and about 5km from the downtown of Suichang County and Yunfeng Town, can reach to province highway S50 directly. The total area of explosive production area is 100,830 square meters, and its construction area is 10,030 square meters. There are three industrial explosives production lines, namely: Two 10,000t/a of gelatinous Emulsion explosive production lines, a 4,000t/a of Porous granular ammonium nitrate fuel oil mixture production line.

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